Endless Music Player 3.4.1 – Endless Music Player 100% Free for Windows

Endless Music Player
Version: 3.4.1
Licence: Free
Author: Cyan Soft ltd.
Size: 971 KB

Now you can enjoy all of your favorite music non-stop with Endless Music Player. This is the perfect application for people who get tired of constantly having to search and choose for new songs when they are listening to music on their computer. No longer do you have to waste your time doing this, as Endless Music Player just keeps on going as soon as you set it up to play what you like.

Endless Music Player is a freeware program that has a very quick and easy installation process. It is also quite small, so it does not take up much room and bog down your computer. The great part about Endless Music Player is that it saves you a ton of time, because you do not have to constantly browse through YouTube, searching for the song you want. You just plug in the tracks you want to listen to, and Endless Music Player does all the work for you. You can search for music be typing the band, album, or track name into the search field of the program.

Another outstanding feature of Endless Music Player is that you can automatically download all of the songs that the program finds and plays. All you have to do is click the ‘Download’ icon on the interface, and the track that is currently played will be downloaded immediately to your computer. Anyone is likes listening to music should definitely check out Endless Music Player, as it really makes listening to all your favorite artists and songs that much more enjoyable.

Some of the features of Endless Music Player include:

  • Stylish and easy to use interface design
  • You can download your favorite songs with just one click
  • Option to listen endlessly to all the songs from a certain artist
  • Ability to watch the video to the song being played in a separate pop-up window
  • You can listen to all your favorite music non-stop for free
  • The fast ‘Search’ box allows you to easily find a specific track
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