Emoze – Push Your Data Everywhere – Windows – Free Download


Emoze is a free and global leader in providing push messaging solutions for emails and PIM (contacts and calendar) data. With this service, you can quickly and easily push your data anywhere and to any device that you want. Although there are many services like this, what makes Emoze stand out is that it is the very first program that lets you read your mail instantly on your mobile device. You no longer have to wait a certain period of time for it to arrive. Although for the past few years there have been others that allow instant access to your data, they have mainly only been available in costly packages and have been restricted to specific hardware and software platforms.


Emoze offers a number of different features that make it an excellent choice for push services. With Emoze Personal Edition, as long as you have a compatible mobile phone, you can receive any kind of email and PIM data on your phone or PDA, from anywhere in the world. You can also send mail from your mobile device and even perform any of the usual mail and PIM operations that you would usually do on your computer, such as deleting mail, moving messages between folders, and even creating and updating your contact lists.


Emoze is fairly simple to use. Once you have installed the program and configured your internet connection, you need to choose an account type from the following options: Office Mail, Gmail, POP3, or Facebook. But if you want more than one of these don’t worry, as Emoze allows you to have as many accounts running at the same time as you want.


Emoze really has removed barriers for many internet users by making their push services free, simple, flexible, and secure. This really creates a significant savings for both corporate and individual users alike.

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