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Clean forwarded emails to make them easier to read

Forwarded emails can be a huge pain. Although it’s perfectly helpful of friends and family to pass information along, seeing the whole back and forth of who has sent it to whom can be time consuming and make it difficult to understand what part of the message pertains to the individual reading it.


This is where software applications like emailStripper come in. EmailStripper is a program that erases the “>” spaces, making the emails simply stand for their content alone – and simplifying the reading process overall.
While effective, emailStripper could have been even better if it were capable of deleting excessive spaces that often crop up in email forwards. That aside, a relatively helpful little program for decoding forwarded messages.



  • Easy to use as a program
  • Makes reading easier



  • Adds ads into the emails
  • Not capable of deleting excessive spacing
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