Easy WiFi 4.0.110 – wireless connection anytime, anywhere – Windows – English

easy wifi
Version: 4.0.110
Licence: Gratis
Author: Devicescape Software, Inc.
Size: 7,6 MB

Easy WiFi is a free service dedicated to bringing you free wireless internet, no matter where you are.  These days, paying for a wireless router or hotspots can be very expensive.  To avoid costly internet fees, try Easy WiFi.

The free and simple WiFi detection and connection service

It almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Well, the way Easy WiFi works is actually very simple.  The program has many devoted users who are constantly seeking free wireless connection points, known as hotspots, all over the world.  When they come across a new one, they report it back to the Easy WiFi servers.  After all of its data has been registered, including its connection quality and login process, it will be added to the program’s network.  Easy WiFi has over 200,000 locations worldwide and is continuously working to become even more accessible.  Once a hotspot is registered on the network, any of the program’s users will be able to connect to it and instantly have free WiFi access if they are nearby.

Easy WiFi is mainly directed at mobile devices, such as laptops, smart phones, and tablets.  If you want to access one of the network’s many free hotspots, simply open the map.  A pin will appear, indicating the closest available hotspot to you.  Once you are within range of that hotspot, Easy WiFi will alert you and automatically log you in, giving you instant, free internet access.  Yes, just like the name says, it is really that easy!

If you wish to avoid paying for expensive hotspots or a wireless router, do not worry, there is a way.  Easy WiFi does practically all of the work for you to bring you a totally free wireless connection, with hardly any effort.

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