Easy BCD 2.2 – Dual boot in seconds!

Version: 2.2
Licence: Free
Author: Neosmart
Size: 1,5 MB

Sometimes PC users install multiple operating systems, whether for games or programs or hard drive partitioning, and this can create a situation when the computer is trying to boot up (making you choose one OS or the other). If your computer has multiple operating systems installed, you should consider using Easy BCD.

Easy BCD allows you to partition your hard drive, and makes it easier for you to boot both OS at once, enabling faster and easier switching when you need to go between operating systems.

It also allows you to do this dual boot on your pc, your usb drive, or for iso files, providing a diversity of functions that’s hard to resist.

The wonderful thing about Easy BCD is that, as the name suggests, it’s easy to use! Easy BCD comes with a wizard to walk you through the installation process and basic instructions.

It’s amazing that such an easy to use application can take so much difficulty out of such a complex task. But Easy BCD manages to do it, and for a variety of operating systems.

Supported operating systems

Mac OS X
Windows 2003
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP


Easy to use
Simple but nice interface
Allows dual booting


Requires expertise in the field of dual booting before attempting

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