Dragon City 2.6.1- The addictive building game. For Android

dragon city
Version: 2.6.1
Licence: Free
Author: socialpoint
Size: 45M

Dragon City is an exciting new building management game, created by Social Point. In this game, your objective is to build a dragon city, procure all the available dragons, and feed your pets until they grow up. You also have the option to train your dragons and organize battles with your rivals.

At the beginning of the game you will only have a few types of dragons. But by mixing dragon breeds, you can create new species. This is especially fun because the new graphics are good enough to see all the small differentiating details of each dragon species you create. You will also be pleased to see that the dragons do not stay still, as the game has numerous animations to keep you entertained. So you will see your pets flying around the island, sleep and wake up, and ask for food when they’re hungry.

As you may realize, the dragons are the highlight of the game, but what makes it even more fun is the capability to breed your dragons in order to create any possible hybrid combination based off the nine elements of what makes up a single dragon. The types of dragon hybrids can be divided into five categories: Elemental dragons are the ones you start with at the beginning of the game, and are the most basic. Hybrid dragons are the first level of dragons you create by breeding your Elementals together. Rare Hybrids are mixes between two Hybrids. And then you have the Legend and Exclusive dragons, which as you may be able to tell, are the most difficult to get.

Besides their hybrid category, dragons are divided up depending on their natural element. Therefore, you can breed eight different kinds of pets in this category: Terra, Light, Flame, Metal, Dark, Legend, War, and Pure. Depending on their element, some dragons are more powerful than others, and will be easier to use when you do battle for necessary game items like gems or money.

Dragon City began as a Facebook game, and therefore it is intimately connected with social networking. You have the ability to battle your friends, but you also sometimes need to use the Facebook app to ask for help. For example, some new realms need a friend’s help in order to be opened.

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