Downtube – Download Youtube Videos – Windows – Free Download


YouTube has become a huge part of the online media sharing world. From music videos to personal debates and speech recordings, it offers a fast and easy way to share videos with people – online. But what about when you want to view a video when you’re up at the cottage? Or need that song for your iPod? Enter Downtube, a program that makes downloading videos from YouTube a simple and fast process.

The program itself is an exceedingly small 200 Kb, taking up hardly any hard drive space except with the files that it downloads at your request. Once installed and set up, users open to an extremely easy to use interface.

There is a spot to place the link to the URL of the video you’re looking to download, and a go button. That’s it, no other settings or customization necessary. While this may seem like a drawback, it is to ensure a consistent level of quality can be enforced based on the program’s knowledge of the file types users are attempting to download.

This can be done for music videos, dancing tutorials, or any other type of media hosted on YouTube. Many users consider a YouTube downloading program to be a must have, so give it a look to see if it might be right for you.

Although limited in customization options, Downtube will get YouTube videos downloaded easily enough, and quickly. A small but effective way to enjoy videos offline? Likely a nice solution can be found in Downtube.

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