ZD Soft Screen Recorder – ZD Soft Screen Recorder 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8)

ZD Soft Screen Recorder
Version: 5.2
Licence: Free
Author: Zdsoft
Size: 3,6 MB

Excellent screen recording/sharing app

ZD Soft Screen Recorder, as the name suggests, allows users to record whats going on on their computer screen.


While some may already have tried ZD Soft Screen Recorder and found it wanting, it may be worth a second try. The reason being is that although ZD Soft Screen Recorder has been around for awhile, the benefit of this is that it has had time to improve.


In terms of what it does specifically, it records the screen, even while minimized. This can be good for creating tutorials, sharing content, and showing some one how to fix their computer.


One of the best things about ZD Soft Screen Recorder is how easy it is to use. ZD Soft Screen Recorder works in conjunction with a step by step wizard (that can be turned off by advanced users, but helps beginners) that explains things every step of the way. It also comes with a set of default decisions made, so that if the user is a beginner, he/she doesn’t have to get bogged down making overly technical decisions – the user is welcome to intervene as there are controls available if they understand what they’re doing.


ZD Soft Screen Recorder puts out a high quality product, at a decent quality cost, making it an excellent choice for any one interested in recording their screeen.



  • Easy to use
  • Selection of configuration options



  • Limited save formats
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