Yet Another Cleaner (YAC) 4.4.34 – Yet Another Cleaner (YAC) 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8)

yet another cleaner
Version: 4.4.34
Licence: Free
Author: Woodtale Technology Inc
Size: 11,3 MB

Computers get bogged down over time for a variety of reasons. From regular process running resulting in file fragments, to malicious viruses and hijackers, there’s a lot that can clog up a computer’s resources.


Yet Another Cleaner steps in to wipe away the mess related to PC clog ups. It acts as a security program, wiping the system of unwanted software and even malware, and protecting against future incurring incidents of such software.


It regularly updates, ensuring that the computer is getting the most up to date protection available and battling even the most recent malware tricks.


It’s easy to use, it protects the computer, and best of all? It’s free. Yet Another Cleaner is part of the software class ‘freeware’, meaning users never have to pay a cent to reassure themselves that their computer is protected and clean.

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