X-Men: The Official Game – Free demo – Windows – English

X-Men- The Official Game
Version: Demo
Licence: Trial Version
Author: X-mengame
Size: 436.7 MB

The X-Men series has been a fan favorite for years. The premise needs no explaining, the game involves pulling players into the world of X-Men. Players get the unique opportunity to take personal advantage of Iceman’s speed, Nightcrawler’s flexibility and teleportation skills, and Wolverine’s lethal claws… all to say nothing of Fury of course!

The game itself guides players across the globe through the X-Men universe, performing tasks and making and breaking new enemies wherever they should go. In fact, X-Men has a great combination of stealth, melee, and time based strategy game going in this official run through of the universe.

Fans everywhere will love X-Men: The Official Game for its quality and, more importantly, for its content. Join the battle to fight the good fight with favorite X-Men characters today!

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