Vampires vs. Zombies – 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

vampires vs zombies
Version: 1.0
Licence: Trial Version
Author: Alawar Games
Size: 259.9 MB

Oh no! An evil warlord is trying to take over the world by using a zombie army, and they are especially looking for vampire brains to eat. Your job is to repel their attacks and destroy the forces of darkness. In this exciting new game, Vampires vs. Zombies, there are 75 levels of battle with the zombie hordes.

In this game, your vampires are producing raw materials that you need to collect in order to defeat the evil warlord. Once you have these materials, you can either sell them for money to buy supplies, or refine them by sending them to the Machine. By refining the raw materials, you end up making more money, as the higher the quality of good, the more it costs. You also have to make dealings with a mad scientist. He researches new technologies for you that will help in the zombie war. Each of the 75 levels has a different goal to achieve, requiring gameplay with all of these strategies.

You also have the ability to buy vampires to put in your army, and there’s a whole gallery to choose from. Each type of vampire has a different set of strengths and weakness that you’ll have to figure out, but you can always see their health count in their blood drops. Besides buying vampires and raw material production, you have to kill zombies, of course! In each level you need to destroy the horde. When you are successful, you can get their power and earn more money.

Some of the outstanding features of Vampires vs. Zombies include:

  • Entertaining and funny storyline
  • 75 levels to fight the zombie invasion
  • Battle upgrades to achieve
  • Your mad scientist can research new technologies
  • 50 unique items to collect
  • 15 character options: 7 vampires and 8 zombies
  • 6 additional arcade levels available
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