Ubuntu 13.04 – Ubuntu 100% free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8)

Version: 13.04
Licence: Free
Author: Ubuntu Community
Size: 785,0 MB

Ubuntu is known for being the ultimate free operating system, offering ease of use and powerful features. It epitomizes everything that open source software is about. It is free and quality software that works well and looks good, all at the same time. And now this latest version of Ubuntu is full of brand new features that focus on making is easier to use than ever before.


If you’re worried about trying a new operating system, don’t be. With Ubuntu you can do everything that Windows lets you do, but with the bonus fact that everything is free and extremely fast. Also, it comes with a number of applications already installed, like a word processor, email, and Mozilla Firefox. The most well-liked application, however, is Open Office. This suite provides you with a freeware version of everything that Microsoft Office has. The IM client is Empathy IM, and the email server is Evolution Mail.


If you need additional functionality , it is easy to install apps like Skype and Thunderbird. An additional section that is available includes the Me Menu, which gives you access to Facebook, Twitter, and Identi.caplus. Then there is GIMP, Flickr, and even Shotwell for full-blown image editing options. The biggest innovation of this new version is the music store that is now integrated with Ubuntu’s music player, so you can buy and download any new tracks you want. You even have the capability of streaming live music through your Android or iPhone with Ubuntu’s file synching.


One of the major benefits of Ubuntu, however, is its impressive speed. If you are used to how slow Windows functions, you will be amazed by Ubuntu. The only downside to this operating system is that sometimes it can be a little difficult to get PC components to work with it. This is because there is no driver center, so it takes a little extra work to find the drivers you need to run specific applications and tools.


But if you’re up for that extra work, you will love Ubuntu, which is a shining example of how open source software should be.

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