S4 League – S4 League 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

S4 League
Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Author: Alaplaya
Size: 304.5 MB

Making 3-in-a-rows with gems and running through immersive RPG adventures is great and all, but sometimes you just need a bit more action in your gaming life. And that is what S4 League is for, as it brings loads of action to your computer screen in a frantic online multiplayer game. The best part? You can play this action-packed run around for absolutely free. All you need to do is create a user account on the official S4 League website.

If you are familiar with the game Gunz, then you will be right at home in the S4 League world, since it follows the same gameplay scheme as other multiplayer action games. When you join a game, you are transported to a complex playing area that has corridors, as well as stairs and platforms from which to run and jump. The main goal of every match is to wipe out all the members of the opposing team. But keep in mind that you better be fully mentally prepared for each match if you want to last more than a few minutes, since the S4 League battlefield is absolutely insane.

Other than the normal multiplayer action game rules that you are probably used to, S4 League comes with some additional variations in regards to the types of gaming modes you can choose. The options include touchdown, death match, or personal missions. S4 League also departs from other games in this genre in its game design of Japanese style graphics, an extensive social component that includes in-game chat, as well as a number of community services. There is even a shop where you can buy new gear and weapons for your personal character, not only to customize it but to make it all the more powerful and deadly.

Overall, S4 League is a really great game that combines nice graphics, a great soundtrack, and awesome gameplay.

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