Microsoft Flight Simulator – Microsoft Flight Simulator 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

Microsoft Flight Simulator
Version: X
Licence: Trial Version
Author: Microsoft
Size: 636.2 MB

Now you can fly the skies with this new and much improved flight simulator that has received immense praise from both developers and game players alike. Although downloading the giant 636.2MB file of Microsoft Flight Simulator is a chore, it is completely worth it. Once the installation is complete, you have three choices for game play. You can either drop flour on targets, do an introductory test flight, or practice your landings in the Caribbean. All three of these are fun, but focus on grasping basic skills like targeting, learning the flight controls, and mastering landings.

Regardless of which mode you choose, you will have multiple options for what to fly, from the ultra-light Cessnas to giant commercial airliners, and even a few helicopters. One thing that Microsoft Flight Simulator offers that other simulation programs do not have are a whopping 50 missions to keep the program entertaining. These missions come to you through urgent updates via the Air Traffic Control and range from incredibly goofy to extremely serious situations. For example, there may be a runway closed, so you will have to land your plane on top of a moving bus. Or maybe there was an explosion and now you need to rescue workers that are trapped on an oil rig. There are even missions that require you to go to Area 51 or pick up film stars.

In the full version of Microsoft Flight Simulator you have access to 24,000 airports from all around the world. With that many options, there is a good chance that you will be able to fly in and out of your real-life local airport. The realism that is included in the game is very impressive, and the developers definitely did not scrimp on that aspect for even the smallest details. Microsoft even claims that they have mapped the accurate positions of all the stars according to the location and time of year that you play. You even have the option to fly in current weather conditions depending on your time zone.

So try your hand at flying today with Microsoft Flight Simulator, you won’t be disappointed.

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