Magical Gloves – Magical Gloves 100% Free for Windows

Magical Gloves
Version: 2
Licence: Trial Version
Size: 398 KB

Magical Gloves is an entertaining and innovative platform game in which your ability to move your mouse will be absolutely necessary in order to solve puzzles and face a myriad of different dangers. As you can imagine, the gameplay of Magical Gloves is most important and front-and-center in this gaming experience, as it truly has a different way of combining the keyboard and the mouse in order to solve all the different challenges.

When you play the game, you have the option to interact with everything you see on the screen. You can throw and catch all the objects and even your enemies, find buried objects, and even use crank powered vehicles to get yourself around. During your exploration of the world of Magical Gloves, you will meet a whole slew of different characters – from scared soldiers to gluttonous whales – all while crossing wasted and frozen tundras that are inhabited by outlandish people.

Magical Gloves offers hours and hours of entertainment that are spread over three widely varied worlds, with 16 different missions and more than 30 hidden objects to find. Are you intrigued yet? You should be, especially since Magical Gloves was the winner of the very first Independent Games Festival back in 2010. Try it today and see what we are talking about.

Some of the features of Magical Gloves include:

  • 4 separately themed worlds that are each full of their own unique challenges and enemies
  • 16 missions with over 30 hidden objects for you to find
  • Play like never before by using both your keyboard and mouse
  • You can interact with absolutely everything you see on the stage, including boxes, barrels, trees, canyons, cranks, and more
  • You have the ability to grab and throw away your enemies in order to defeat them
  • There are a wide variety of additional mini games available for you to play, including memory games, fishing, creating a snowman, and more
  • Winner of the first Independent Games Festival in 2010
  • Available through Intel AppUp Center
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