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Mafia 2 – Welcome to the family- English – Windows

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  • Author: 2KGames
  • 25/08/2014
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About Mafia 2 – Welcome to the family- English – Windows

Mafia 2 is the follow up to the original Mafia 1930, worthy of the title in both quality and improvements made.

The setting is Empire Bay, an amalgamation of several major American cities like New York, Los Angelos, San Francisco, and so on. Players get to move into the city and try their hand at acting as a mobster.

The game focuses on performing organized crime oriented tasks that will then earn rewards such as weapons, money, and power. Some of the example tasks that may be asked of the player include smuggling, stealing, and obtaining objects for and from the other players around the city.

One fun element of Mafia 2 is that there’s choice in how the player gets these tasks done, surrounding who they will use, how they will behave, and what weapons they will bring, that can impact the success of that mission.

The behavioral element of choice in the game relates to an aggressive or stealthy approach, and offers a fun way for players to control how their characters conduct themselves and what kind of organization they will be bringing up.

In terms of the quality of the game itself, Mafia 2 is extremely impressive in both graphics and soundtrack. It realistically creates a mafia like setting for players to become involved in as they move throughout it.

Great game, highly recommended.


  • Element of choice
  • Great graphics, soundtrack
  • Fun take on a familiar storyline


  • Freezes on some computers

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