Legendary – Save the world from the werewolves

Version: 1
Licence: Free
Author: Legendary
Size: 2.00B

In Legendary, you have to save all of humankind from a werewolf invasion, especially since this horrific occurrence was originally your fault. You are the only one who can get rid of the creatures that are threatening the world, like griffins and of course werewolves. The storyline takes place in New York City and London, and revolves around your character, Charles Deckard, who is a professional thief. The trouble starts when he is hired to steal an artifact that turns out to be Pandora’s Box. This is where the rampage of all of history’s mythological creatures ensues.

Legendary is a first person shooter game that mixes horror, action, and myth together for a quite an adventure. Unlike many of today’s shooter games, instead of fighting terrorist groups or soldiers, this one gives you a twist with the necessity of saving yourself and everyone else from magical creatures.

One thing that makes Legendary really stand out is its impressive creation of scenes and locations, which is made possible by an excellent physics model and good graphics technology. The creatures, however, are not as impressive, although that may have been the intention of the developers when creating them. Legendary is also very playable, as it is incredibly action packed. You need to constantly be moving and watching out for monsters, as well as looking for possible hide outs.

You have the option to power through single player career mode and defeat the monsters all by yourself, or go into it cooperatively with other people through the game’s multiplayer mode. Overall, Legendary has everything it needs to please fans of first person shooter games, you just need to make sure you have enough power on your computer to run it because it uses a decent amount. But if you enjoy FPS games, mythology, and horror, you will definitely like playing Legendary.

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