iTunes 11.1.5 – iTunes 100% free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8)

Version: 11.1.5
Licence: free
Author: Apple
Size: 142,0 MB

iTunes is an Apple program typically associated with iPods, iPhones and iPads, any type of Apple device that also stores media files. Through this program you can organize videos, photos, music, shows and movies and also download them from the iTunes store. You can use this program to decide which files you want downloaded to your device, which stay on your computer and what you want downloaded to your cloud storage. You can also listen or watch your media from iTunes or see how much free memory is available on your device. If you have more than one iPod, for example, you can manage them both from the same program as long as each one is registered separately.

With the new iTunes 11.1.3, the interface has been changed, making this program much more fun and easy to use. Playlists are now easier to create by using iTunes Genius and for teachers, iTunes U lets you create lessons, classes and lectures that all of your students can access online, all from the comfort of your iPad. For the more laid back user, you can find hundreds of free music singles, pod casts, movie trailers and more.

It may seem like every time you open iTunes, the program asks you to download the latest version. It can get pretty annoying, but downloading iTunes 11.1.5 is definitely worth it. The download time is relatively quick and the new features, functions and user interface upgrades are definitely worth it. Update your version today!


Below you can find the unique features of iTunes 11.1.3:

ñYou can see a list of previously played songs and the order in which they were played.

ñThe iTunes Store has a new layout, making it easier to find and purchase movies, music, books, etc.

ñiCloud storage allows you to download media to an online storage area and not directly to your computer

ñThe interface how more sorting and customization options

ñThe next song on your playlist is displayed before it is played

ñThe iTunes library can now sort music by genres

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