GlyphViewer 1.1.0 – GlyphViewer 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

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  • Author: Glyph Soft LLC
  • 28/05/2014
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About GlyphViewer 1.1.0 – GlyphViewer 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

GlyphViewer unlocks the meaning of the ancient and modern languages that use pictograms with ease and comfort.

GlyphViewer is just what it sounds like, a program that helps people to both look at Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs AND translates them to one of fifty different languages.

This is amazing and utterly unique. Users can read what’s on the glyphs for themselves in one of many languages, whether they’re translating ones they’ve found or looking at ones online, creating the ability to truly take on the studying of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs – no matter what the person’s age or nationality is.

In terms of how ti works, the program asks users to upload their glyphs (or download from the public library page of the software), and select the desired language to be translated to. The program then prepares an image and an HTML output for users to view the translation, and includes fun effects like hover translations – so that users can really get down to what exactly the glyphs are saying.

It could not be an easier program to use, and yet GlyphViewer produces professional quality results of hieroglyphic translations. Whether a beginner or a professional, anyone would be thrilled to see the detailed and accurate translated reports that GlyphViewer presents.

Supported languages

There are over fifty supported languages on GlyphViewer, from Arabic and African to Chinese and Greek. Users truly have the ability to read in their own language, whatever that may be.


GlyphViewer is a truly unique opportunity in that it is software that can translate Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic images to almost any language imaginable. Highly recommended.

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