GAG 4.10 – 100% Free for Windows

Version: 4.10
Licence: Free
Author: Gag
Size: 807 KB

GAG is a program that allows you to boot your computer up from a choice of nine different operating systems. With our high-powered computers today, why not have multiple options to choose from when using your computer? The trick is always being able to switch back and forth, and GAG offers you a solution.

GAG is fully open-sourced and even offers a graphical menu, as opposed to the text-only menus that most other programs of this kind have. There are not any crazy additional features with GAG, but what more can you ask for than having the option to choose from nine operating systems at any one time?

Some of the features of GAG include:

  • Allows you to boot up to nine different operating systems
  • Ability to boot operating systems that are installed in primary or extended partitions that are available on any hard disk
  • Can be installed from nearly all available operating systems
  • GAG does not need its own partition, as it installs itself in the first track of the hard disk
  • Option to install it with a floppy disk
  • Available timer to boot default a default operating system that you can select
  • Password protection available for the configuration menu
  • Option to work in graphics mode with many icons to choose from
  • Hides the primary partitions, so you can install more than one DOS/Windows on the same hard disk
  • Ability to put a different password on each operating system
  • Multiple languages available
  • Can exchange disk drives
  • Offers the SafeBoot system, which allows you to boot from a hard disk even if GAG is overwritten
  • Support for a variety of keyboards, including QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, and DVORAK
  • Fully supported for hard disks up to 4 terabytes
  • Completely free
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