Fasterfox – Firefox Add on


Firefox is a great browser, but it can get slow sometimes. Fasterfox is an add on that works to speed up Firefox at the touch of a button.

Fasterfox also allows you to retain a higher level of control over your network, offering you chances to control things like pipelining, your DNS cache, and simultaneous connections.

So how does it work? It caches your links. By allowing websites to cache, Fasterfox loads pages on Firefox – before you’ve clicked onto them! The understandable downside to this is that you will be downloading a considerable amount of cached material, potentially effecting your bandwidth needs. This may or may not be something that concerns you, but if it is, consider Fasterfox Lite (which offers you the control as to whether or not to cache).

Fasterfox consumes a bit more bandwidth on your computer and forces your RAM to work a little harder, but noticeably speeds up your Firefox. This may be one trade off you should be considering.


Easy to use
Increased surfing speed
Provides network control


Increases bandwidth usage
Increases RAM usage

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