Evolution GT – Evolution GT 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

Evolution GT
Version: 1
Licence: Trial Version
Author: Blackbeangames
Size: 481,1 MB

Also known as Corvette Evolution GT, Evolution GT is Black Bean’s highly anticipated racing game features a vast single player career mode that breaks brand new ground with its racing simulation technology and extra features. It also offers some of the best AI that many players have encountered, so you can expect intense rivalries and competitions between teams, as well as individual AI controlled drivers.

Before you actually begin the career mode, you are taken through a series of tutorials that you must successfully complete before being allowed to race in your first rookie season. Once you pass the initial tests, you need to continue to build up experience points and further develop your stats. And in order to finish the season out, it is absolutely mandatory to either get a gold, silver, or bronze medal in each individual race.

One thing that many players have commended Evolution GT for is the diverse tracks that are available to race on. Unlike other racing games, each track has its own feel and unique way that you must drive in order to win. There are city tracks based in London and Berlin, as well as many circuits and country tracks. The cars you can choose from are divided into several different categories, including hatchback, coupe, grand touring, and racing vehicles. But in order to have access to all the different car models, you need to make your way through career mode and unlock them one by one through achieving specific goals.

Evolution GT sports a superb physics model, so all the cars drive like their real-world counterparts. Additionally, a full damage model is in effect for the entire game. This means that driving off-road or running into things causes extra damage to your car, like more tire-wear or additional problems with the suspension system. Eventually you can wreck your car and have to rebuild it from scratch.

Evolution GT really is a total immersion racing experience. Check it out today and truly be the driver.

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