Monopoly – Download Monopoly For Free 100% Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

Version: Here & Now Edition
Licence: Trial Version
Author: Spintop-games
Size: 14.4 MB

Now you can play this classic game right on your computer. The basis of Monopoly is that you try to acquire property and money in order to compete and take over the areas of the board that your friends own. It is most definitely a combination of family friendly board game fun with cut throat boardroom capitalism, which made it the perfect companion to anyone growing up in the 80s.

Monopoly Here & Now is an updated version on the game that everyone remembers and loves. It features all the same gameplay and board layouts, but with updated locations, utilities, and situations. For instance, the spaces where the four railroads used to be now have large airports like the O’Hare International and the JFK in New York. All the traditional Monopoly utility options have also been replaced to things like paying cell phone bills, service fees, and interest on credit cards. Even the amount of money the players get is different. There is no way you can buy a whole piece of property for only $60 anymore!

The basic design of Monopoly Here & Now is familiar, but there are also a large number of changes, like animated characters and playing pieces. This is actually one of the downsides to the game that users have mentioned: after a while the animations get a little bit annoying, and unfortunately there is not an option to turn them off. Luckily, however, you do have the option to switch the music and sound effects on and off as you like.

The other additional features of Monopoly Here & Now are well implemented, like mortgaging and auctions. Although the game’s pop-up boxes tend to make things a little bit confusing at first, it is easy to get the hang of it and continue on with the game.

So if you fondly remember playing Monopoly as a real-life board game growing up, you should definitely check out Monopoly Here & Now. You will really enjoy the classic gameplay atmosphere, along with the newer additions that bring the game into the 21st century. Download Monopoly For Free Today!

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