I-Fluid – Download I-Fluid For Free 100% Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Author: I-Fluid 1
Size: 2.00 MB

While the sound of this game might not bring to might action packed thrills and white knuckled fun, but the game is pretty interesting. You start out as a little drop of water that falls out of a drain and you have to traverse various types of environments. All sorts of little details were taken into account while making this game, like how certain surfaces can take away your moisture, or ‘life’, like hot surfaces, and other surfaces that can replenish your water content like fresh fruit.

There are 15 levels total, each one being very unique from the last. As you pass more and more levels, you get more and more useful skills and abilities. You will learn to cross surfaces, jump and even climb upwards on certain objects on your quest to find the drain exit out of your location. Keep in mind that all of your movements must follow the laws of physics and you may need to incorporate the use of other objects in order to complete your mission.

The graphics are pretty decent and resemble something that could be an empty scene to a Pixar movie. The music is not that fantastic, but nothing that hitting the mute button can’t fix. There are three different game modes in the full version, which costs about $5 USD and can be purchased from Steam.com. You can also download the trial version to see if this game is right for you from Softonic. As of early 2014, this game is only compatible with Windows operating systems, there has not yet been a version released for Mac users.

While most people who played the game thoroughly enjoyed it, a few people had glitches appear throughout the game. The scenes are enjoyable: a dark kitchen, a Latino Kitchen and a Desk, just to name a few. If the glitches really become a problem, you can always delete the game and reinstall it, or just try to trudge through it. Think of I-Fluid as the grown up version of Disney’s Where’s My Water?

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