D-TPV 1.40.09 – D-TPV 100% Free for Windows

Version: 1.40.09
Licence: Free
Author: Dactilplus Biometria
Size: 74.1 MB

D-TPV is a program that was originally created to help store owners, and more specifically restaurant managers. Managing a restaurant is a tough job, and anything that can help is great. With D-TPV a lot of the mundane, everyday tasks are automated, so you can focus your time on more important matters. Check out the full features list below.

Some of the features of D-TPV include:

  • Top of Clients with fingerprint
  • Rates are automatic by time slots and discounts, among other things
  • There is a virtual keyboard for data entry and identification of the waiter by either swipe card or just proximity
  • Intuitive user interface point of sale area that is completely configurable
  • Valid for use with a bar code gun
  • There is a wide operating menu at the bottom of the point of sale area, thus optimizing the distribution of all the different features and functions
  • There is an annotations box available to record all cash movements, and even split bills into different sections
  • System for creating and printing invoices that are fully automated and customizable
  • You can search articles through a description manual in order to help with the sale
  • Systematic table reservations
  • Connection option with a Table kKPC
  • Automatic printing options for vouchers and coupons
  • Stock control for up to nine different stores
  • Label printing system is available
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