ABA English Course 4.3 – Learn to speak English

ABA English Course
Version: 4.3
Licence: Free
Author: ABA English
Size: 1.6 MB

Learning a new language is never easy, but it definitely helps to have a program that is fun, easy to use, and informational. ABA English is one of those programs for people who want to learn realistic English, as it aims to teach the English language by using common situations from real life. This course is mainly aimed at Spanish speakers.

ABA English Course offers a full 144 units with six different levels of difficulty, with a test of your skills at the end of each complete unit. Every unit includes a video with a specific situation in which you can study. The rest of the unit offers dictation, role-playing scenarios that allow you to test your pronunciation, additional written and oral exercises, and a list of new words to learn and practice.

The developers of ABA English are very keen to emphasize that this program is different than others in its genre. Its main difference that really sets it apart is that it uses over 300 voice actors for the entire course. This is a great addition, as the learner will have the opportunity to hear multiple people speak in slightly different accented ways, making it a much more useful and realistic experience. There are even options for more interactive learning, to further along the language acquisition process.

The actual interface of the program is quite straightforward and clean that makes it simple to select the level of difficulty you want to work at. Within each difficulty category, the units that are available then pop up for you to choose from. So although learning a new language is laborious and difficult, ABA English Course really steps it up in how it offers to teach practical, real life English. The only thing that some users have noted is that some of the situations that are used in the units are a little bit cliche, but in my opinion that could be quite useful if someone is already familiar with the situation in which they are learning the new vocabulary words.

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