Download ZombieBooth for Free Version 4.22 Android

Version: 4.22
Licence: Free
Author: MotionPortrait
Size: 8,5 MB

Zombies have become quite the craze recently. You can see them in popular TV series like The Walking Dead, as well as movies such as Dawn of the Dead. You can also find zombies in a number of recently released games, like Plants vs. Zombies and the Resident Evil franchise. With the ever increasing popularity of these flesh-eating monsters, it begs to ask the all-important question: Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were a zombie?

With ZombieBooth you can answer this question! ZombieBooth is a fun program that allows you to transform your pictures and turn everyone into 3D flesh-eating zombies. You can even record videos to share on YouTube, or send it to friends. And the best part? The zombies you create will act like real zombies. They will eat, make noises, and even breath on screen.

Compatible with both mobile phone and digital camera images, it’s easy to get started. So try out your zombie-life today, download ZombieBooth for free!

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