Trickster Online Season 2 – Download Trickster Online Season 2 For Free 100% Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8)

Version: Season 2
Licence: Free
Author: Tricksteronline
Size: 822,2 MB

Note: All versions of Trickster Online have been discontinued as of January 2014. The developers of the game have not released an official reason as to why, but the game is no longer available online.

Trickster Online (also known as Trickster: Links to Fantasy, Trickster Online Revolution, Trickster Online: A New Discovery, and Trickster Online: Rebirth of Memories) is a free 2D MMORPG, originally developed by the Korean company of Ntreev Soft.

The basic storyline is that the characters compete in a special contest to win treasure on an island, which is all organized by the recently deceased Don Cavalier. Don Cavalier was a billionaire and founder of the world’s greatest game company, Megalo Company. Since it was quite unclear who his specified successors to his fortune were, there was a significant amount of friction among his family members and company employees regarding the inheritance of his estate. News has spread, however, that his lawyers have shown a hologram that he created, which contains his will.

This news was spread around the world, and a large number of participants have come to the middle of the Pacific Ocean to try and get a piece of this fortune. As a player of the game, you are a sent correspondent to try and get your hands on the prize. Although no one is sure exactly where to go, all eyes are on  Caballa Island, which is a desert in the middle of the Pacific. It surfaced a few years ago because of tectonic plate shifts on the sea floor. And this is where Don Cavalier and his Megalo Company have created the stage for their virtual reality game, ‘Trickster.’ The goal of this game is to collect all the special game cards by digging them up. In order to do that you need to use special equipment provided by the Megalo Company.

Fans of Greek Mythology will find be interested in this game, as it is based on that mythological structure. The game is broken into 6 episodes that each unravel a different plot point of the story. We guarantee that if you try out Trickster, you’ll get more than you bargained for.

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