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Sunrise Seven
Version: 1.2.61
Licence: Free
Author: Sunrise Software
Size: 2,6 MB

Sunrise Seven is a program that lets you make some changes to the Windows 7 operating system that is incredibly easy to install and use. The interface of Sunrise Seven is very intuitive and has a clean layout, which makes it a simple task to make quick adjustments like configuring the Start menu, or placing a small additional space between ions, turn off hibernation mode, and even do things like remove the arrows from all the shortcut icons.

As you can see, Sunrise Seven can change a number of different aspects of Windows 7, including the Start menu, the Start menu button, and the context menus. There are also configuration options with the User Account security controls, like prompting without consent and elevating without prompting. Additional security options allow you to disable the Task Manager, Registry Editor, Folder Options, Control Panel, Windows Update, Desktop Gadgets, and internet access for DRM.

Some people may be nervous about changing these aspects of their computer’s operating system, but you do not have to worry when you use Sunrise Seven. This is because the program offers you the option to create a restore point directly through its interface. So if you want to play around a little with Windows 7 without being scared about ruining the system, this action is essential. Then later, you can restore the operating system to whichever time point you want with just a click of a button.

One of the most important features of Sunrise Seven, however, is its ability to lesson the amount of resources that the Windows operating system consumes. Some users have complained that getting to know Sunrise Seven is a little bit of a hassle because there is no help manual included, so keep that in mind. Beginner users may find using this program to its full potential a challenge.

But if you are comfortable with Windows 7 and want the option to change certain things within the operating system, Sunrise Seven is a good tool to use. Download Sunrise Seven For Free!

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