Medal of Honor: Airborne Patch 1.1 – Download Medal of Honor: Airborne For Free 100% Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

Medal of Honor- Airborne
Version: Patch 1.1
Licence: Free
Author: Es
Size: 94.6 MB

The Medal of Honor series has come out with another first person shooter that is yet again set during World War II with Medal of Honor: Airborne. But despite the repeat of the same historical era as the background setting to the game, it does not make it boring. In fact, the World War II setting is perfect for frantic war action that never gets old in first person shooter action.

Medal of Honor: Airborne tests your abilities as a soldier from the very start of the game, in which you have to complete a very intense parachute jump right into the middle of a fierce battle. In the jump, you will have to steer your way to open ground and hopefully find a safe spot to catch your breath. If you survive this first test, you will then be ready to take up your weapon and jump into the actual fighting and begin on the set of missions that have been assigned to you.

As with any top-notch first person shooter, the first few moments of the game are absolutely crazy, and immediately suck you into the action. There are bullets whistling by your head, soldiers shouting from all around you, and far away but very realistic explosions and fire-spitting machine guns. The impressive realism in regards to the graphics of the game, as well as the sound effects is really what sets the Medal of Honor franchise apart and above from other wartime games. You are plunged directly into the heart of the conflict, achieving a certain degree of immersion that makes you feel like you were actually there.

Some of the many features of Medal of Honor: Airborne include:

  • Open battlefields. Each mission starts with an airdrop into enemy territory, and the landing spot you choose will drastically change the battle you must fight. Once you are on the ground, the whole map is a free-roaming environment.
  • Vertical combat incorporated
  • There is a formidable new AI system that delivers unpredictable and intelligent enemies
  • Upgradeable weapon options, including modifications that significantly affects your marksmanship.

Download Medal of Honor: Airborne For Free and have fun today!

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