Download ManyCam 4.0.77 – ManyCam 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

Version: 4.0.77
Licence: Free
Author: ManyCam LLC
Size: 21.1 MB

All of us are used to utilizing our webcams by now. Although it was new and exciting technology only a short while ago, it is old hat and quite boring these days. But luckily there are applications out there to help spice-up your web chats. One of these such applications is ManyCam, as it offers you a wide range of special effects, backgrounds, and props to make your video chats more fun than usual.

When you use ManyCam you will be amazed at the countless special effects to choose from. All of these are organized into categories for easier searching and finding. These effects include wigs, sunglasses, hats, distortions, animals, and so much more. You can even add things like national flags, the time and date, or text of your choice. Although the effects are not always perfectly placed, it is still fun to play around. There is also a watermark on the screen that says ‘’ when you are using their filters and special effects.

Many users say that the most fun part of using ManyCam is being able to change the background of your screen, with the choices ranging from a beach, pool or mountain, to different filters like black and white or sepia. None of these effects look realistic, but it is still fun all the same. And if you ever get bored with the default effects that are included in the download of ManyCam, you will find hundreds more that are available on the developer’s site for free. Do you want a dinosaur hanging out with you on your couch while you talk with your mom? No problem! There’s a filter for that!

Although it would not be recommended to use this application while you are conferencing for work or participating in an interview, download ManyCam now, it is perfect for just having a bit of fun online with your friends and family.

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