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Version: 486.0
Licence: Free
Author: IMVU
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Originally founded in 2004, IMVU is an online social entertainment website, in which members can create 3D avatars to meet new people, talk with them, and even create and play games. So rather than just dealing with the boring old text-only chat rooms that we are all used to, you now get to play in a colorful 3D environment where you can now more fully represent your personality with a Sims-style character. And the best part? Your avatar is fully customizable, with multiple choices for skin color, clothes, pets, actions, and even animations.

As unique as it sounds, IMVU works exactly the same as any other instant messaging client. You begin by registering a user account from the program’s website. Then you pick your avatar and customize its appearance. After that is done, you just need to join a network of your choosing and start looking around for some interesting people to talk with. You have the choice to chat with others either in a personal chat room or in a public one.

Since you have an avatar when using IMVU, there are some extra capabilities on offer besides just basic chatting. If you right-click on your character a context menu will open up with a myriad of options in multiple classes. The classes include movements, moods, and expressions. IMVU also offers a credits system that allows you to get new clothing for your avatar, and even more fully customize the look of your hair, eyes, and other details.

As you can see, IMVU is a very unique program in certain aspects, but that originality sometimes makes it a bit difficult to use and navigate. For example, some of the chats can be hard to follow from within the avatars’ speech bubbles. Also, moving around the 3D space can be a little bit daunting, especially when it all goes really slow due to indecent internet connection.

But regardless of those drawbacks, if you are looking for a new way to meet and chat with people online, IMVU is a good option to check out: download IMVU for free now.

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