Hotspot Shield Elite 3.17 – Download Hotspot Shield Elite VPN Client

Version: 3.17
Licence: Trial Version
Author: Anchorfree, Inc.
Size: 6,9 MB

Hotspot Shield Elite is a program that allows you to establish a secure Internet connection and access websites that have been blocked in your region.  It is very easy to use and extremely helpful, especially for users living outside of the United States where a lot of popular sites are given restricted or no access at all.

The all-access application

Probably the biggest advantage of this software is its ability to give you access to virtually any website that you wish to view, regardless of your physical location or any Internet restrictions that you may be faced with.  How is it able to get around these limitations?  The program works by creating a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection between your computer and Hotspot Shield Elite‘s developer’s website, Anchorfree, based in the U.S.  The VPN is encrypted with 128 bit SSL encryption, which protects your data from being intercepted while surfing the web.

If you live outside of the US, you have probably noticed that a lot of websites are not accessible in your country.  This is because they have servers that are based in the US that are capable of recognizing your foreign connection.  Luckily for you, with Hotspot Shield Elite these constraints will no longer be an issue.  By downloading this program you can view popular blocked websites like Hulu or restricted videos on Youtube.  There is a free version of the software, but if you purchase a subscription with the Elite version you will be able to reap a lot of extra benefits.  For example, you will have the ability to view your purchase history with the program in your browser and also enjoy more stable streaming of videos.

Hotspot Shield Elite works very well and is really easy to install.  You do not have to configure anything; as soon as you install it, you can begin to use it.  The program will simply stay in your system tray with an icon that looks like a shield.  The shield icon will appear either green or red, indicating when the program is and is not connected.

The latest version of Hotspot Shield Elite has another great advantage: malware protection.  This means that you can browse freely and confidently and will not be infected by anything that may potentially damage your system.

If you want to be able to roam the Internet with total freedom and without any restrictions, Hotspot Shield Elite is a top choice.  It is able to give you access to all of the most popular sites regardless of your location.  What’s more, it allows you to browse securely and very easily.

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