Funny Worms 1.04 – Download Funny Worms For Free 100% Windows

Funny Worms
Version: 1.04
Licence: Trial Version
Author: Astatix
Size: 107 KB

Who doesn’t love a fun and new desktop screensaver? In the Funny Worms screensaver, thousands of tiny colored worms will crawl about your screen and eat the surface of your desktop. This is quite mesmerizing to watch, as they nibble away bit by bit. But what makes Funny Worms extra special is that it was created in close collaboration with experienced psychologists. Apparently watching crawling worms allows you to relax and briefly let go of whatever is bothering you. So by watching Funny Worms, you will automatically have a boost in your mood and activity, without having to do anything too strenuous!

A screensaver like Funny Worms does not just let your brain relax for a little bit. Its main purpose is to prolong the life of your monitor by making sure the pixels do not stay the same for too long a period of time. So in both aspects, Funny Worms is successful. It allows you to chill out for a little bit, and it also makes sure your desktop monitor does not relax enough to do any lasting damage to itself. If you are looking for a mind-numbing and hypnotizing screensaver, Funny Worms may be just right for you. Download Funny Worms For Free and have fun today!

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