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Although  FIFA 07 can’t hold a candle to more updated games like FIFA 2012, for those game players who like to take a trip down memory lane and remember the good ol’ days, FIFA 07 provides a fun and interesting experience. Like every FIFA game, FIFA 07 aims to be as realistic of a soccer game as possible. This is especially true because it has the licensing to use names of real players, unlike other similar games.

The creation of FIFA 07 represented a new era for these games. This is because it involved the creation of a new game engine that made the player need to use real life tactics and think like an actual soccer player or team manager in order to win. The sound effects were also improved significantly, which included chanting and fan songs for the first time ever. And most impressively, FIFA 07 offered an online mode that let players compete against other fans in the EA Sports Interactive Leagues. What made this truly a fun experience, however, was that the realism extended even to the real soccer schedule. The tournaments that were played in the game corresponded directly with real-world soccer matches.

Another section of FIFA 07 that was hauled over was the ultra-intelligent AI, so that the computer played smarter than ever and acted more like a real soccer team might, which added extra dimension to the game. And if playing straight up soccer wasn’t enough, there was the added ability to play in Manager Mode. This is where you could buy and sell players, set wage thresholds, and make important tactical decisions. The only part of the game that really seems dated today is the graphics, although they were quite advanced when FIFA 07 first came out.

With over 10,000 players in 27 different leagues around the world, FIFA 07 set the standards for all the following games, including FIFA 2012. And despite these additions, FIFA 07 still has a strong following of fans and players attached to it. Download FIFA 07 for free and play now!

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