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Bitcasa is an application that helps you to manage all of your files in the cloud. Basically, it acts as your own personal cloud storage system for a simple, private, and secure space for all of your information. So if your computer is running out of space and how are wondering where you are going to put all of your important files and documents, Bitcasa is a good resource for syncing, backing up, and extending the capacity of what you can save.

The way this works is that everything that goes through Bitcasa gets stored in the cloud. This means that nothing will actually be stored on your local computer, but you can pull all of your information onto it through an internet connection. The importance of having a high speed internet connection is one thing to note, however, when you are considering using Bitcasa.

If you do not want to rely on a constant internet connection to pull your files, you can also use Bitcasa to sync those files. By syncing your files, Bitcasa ensures that you always have the most recent changes to your files stored across all of your machines. With this feature, you can work offline and sync everything up later when you are connected to the internet. Bitcasa offers AES-256 bit encryption on their servers, so your files are completely protected from unwanted prying eyes.

Although Bitcasa works well and fast, it can sometimes be a little confusing to try and access your folders the first time. But after you figure it out and see how everything is accessed, it really is a simple system to get around in. There are a number of different packages you can get with Bitcasa, ranging from free to $99 a month. With so many options, it would be well worth it to look into the ability to store your information safely and securely on the cloud, all while backing up your files directly on your computer.

Download Bitcasa For Free and try it now!

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