Anno 1701 – Download Anno 1701 For Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

Anno 1701
Version: 1.0
Licence: Trial Version
Author: CM
Size: 875,6 MB

Now you can become a conqueror of new worlds when you join the fascinating world of Anno 1701. Have fun weighing anchor, sailing the seven seas, and exploring brand new continents with completely different cultures. Survive and even thrive by demonstrating your business skills, strategic planning, and diplomatic finesse.

You will be impressed by the amount of interaction you can have within the gaming world of Anno 1701. There are a number of extra details that really make it special, like the cheers or protests of the people at the village center, the animated portraits that also have audio, and the extensive ability to negotiate and talk with all the foreigners you come across in the game. The whole world is extremely detailed with lifelike graphics. The amazing effects and realism do not just stop at the towns, but also include the flora and fauna you will encounter, and even in regards to natural disasters like hurricanes, volcano eruptions, and earthquakes.

The game is very easy to pick up and get going with because the user interface is incredibly clear and structured for even the beginning game player. The point of entry into the game is absolutely ideal with its unique informational mode that will really get you started. Gameplay is quite varied, with over 100 sub-quests that are tightly integrated into the main gameplay. As a player, you can choose whether or not to pursue them, but it would probably behoove you to do so since many of them bring very nice and useful rewards upon completion.

Other than exploring the world and trading with partners, there is also the clandestine side of diplomacy that you can explore. This involves activities such as sabotage, espionage, and demagoguery in order to open up intelligent and strategic pathways in which to proceed through the game.

You can play Anno 1701 by yourself, but there are also options for multiplayer modes through either a LAN connection or the internet. Play against your friends or cooperate together to conquer the world. Regardless of the game mode you decide on, the winning conditions can be freely configured to fit your needs.

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