Dodge the Meteor

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Meteor Dodge is a simple mouse controlled casual game. The only goal that the player has is to attempt to avoid the constantly falling meteors all around. Players control a spaceship that can only take so much damage, and letting meteors hit will destroy it over time. The mouse controls the spaceship, and the players have to dodge the meteors – simple enough, right?

Meteor Dodge has joined the ranks of the growing casual gaming genre. Casual gaming aims to allow people to have a lot of fun, in a short amount of time – and without a lot of complicated instructions. Though casual games are often simple, it can be surprisingly addictive to see how far one can get – or one’s friends and family – and the genre becomes quite competitive in its own right.

The graphics on Meteor Dodge are understandably simple, a space background, a simple grey circle for a ship, but the premise is still fun – worth a try any day! The game is also available online for free, simply Google Meter Dodge and it can be up and running in seconds.

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