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Disk Heal
Version: 1.48
Licence: Free
Author: Luqsoft
Size: 407 KB

Despite our best efforts, sometime viruses and other malware slips through the cracks of even the best security systems and gets a hold of our computers. Some viruses are easier to get rid of than others, but even once your hard drive is cleaned, you may experience residual problems with its performance. If that is the case, Disk Heal is exactly what you need. Not only can it recover hard disk archives that have been infected, but it also can recover the functionality of programs that are no longer in working order, access corrupted registries, and even launch the Task Administrator.


Take note, however, that because Disk Heal requires access to all the areas which are usually restricted to outside programs, it can really butt heads with any anti-virus software that is currently running on your computer. This means that it is incredibly important that you either disable your anti-virus software, or grant extra permissions for Disk Heal to do its work. One thing users have reported is that you need to be careful with what you allow Disk Heal to make changes to in the registry. Most security programs flag Disk Heal as a threat because it can make fundamental changes to your registry, which can then possibly render the entire system useless. So keep this in mind, but also make a backup of your registry before using Disk Heal.


As you can see, Disk Heal is a powerful program that comes with its own set of risks and possibly downsides. But if you have been infected with a virus and your computer is no longer running up to snuff, Disk Heal can really help you out. Just make sure to take precautions before letting the program dive in.


Some of the features of Disk Heal include:


  • Fixes disk problems and performs many useful tweaks
  • Fixes folder options inaccessibility
  • Fixes registry editor inaccessibility
  • Fixes task manager inaccessibility
  • Recovers any hidden files or folders
  • Can change the default icon of any drive
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