CyberNet Worlds – Chatroom – Windows – Free Download

CyberNet Worlds

CyberNet Worlds is a chatroom that operates as though it’s actually sections of the globe. The program begins with the user starting as a tourist, able to move throughout the parts of the world to converse with people from different cultures, interact, and build together.


In terms of what can be done, CyberNet Worlds offers a diversity of options to users, from listening to music together or playing games, to working on virtual buildings or items together or sharing pictures. The program truly does bring a virtual reality to the fingertips of its users.


The avatars are extremely customizable, allowing users to customize their own and then use it to interact with the environment itself (running around, exploring, flying), meeting people along the way.
CyberNet Worlds is an extremely interesting version of a virtual reality based universe, a very creative way to meet and collaborate with people.

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