CyberLink YouCam 6 – Webcam and Video Edition

Version: 6
Licence: Trial Version
Author: CyberLink Corp.
Size: 1,005 KB

CyberLink YouCam is not just a webcam but it also combines video editing and the addition of graphics into the mix. The process is very simple, first you must download the program and have a web cam already installed or built into your computer. Once CyberLink YouCam is installed, you start up your webcam and a new tool bar will appear with all of the new video options. Not only is this a fun software program for home use, but professional users can take advantage of this opportunity as well in order to make their presentations more interesting.

CyberLink YouCam basically adds funny animations to your videos in real time. You can be talking to your friend and add a Mexican sobrero to their head or put Groucho Marx glasses and nose on your grandma. Even if the other person that you are talking to does not have the CyberLink YouCam program, they can still see the funny animations that you have added to your video chat.

This software program can also be used to add special effects to still shots, which can later be sent to friends and family or used as your account’s profile photo. You can also do ‘normal’ photo editing such as rotating and cropping photos as well. While this program is super fun, it can also be put to practical uses. This software offers special motion detection features that can start recording with movement or even be used as a security device.

The files created while using CyberLink YouCam are kept and organized in a separate folder, giving you fast and easy access to all of your original and edited files. If your computer is equipped with a touch screen, CyberLink YouCam is compatible with the touch screen technology as well.

The only downside is that this program is not a completely free download. The first 30 days you can enjoy the free trial, but after that you must pay $45 USD in order to be able to keep using the program. As of right now only Windows users can take part in the fun that CyberLink YouCam has to offer.

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