Cooking Dash 2016 – 100% Free for Android

Cooking Dash

Serve your customers in a race against the clock

Similar to the Diner Dash and Cake Mania games, Cooking Dash takes players into the world of meal preparation and customer satisfaction.


The premise of the game is simple: the player is the infamous Flo, waitress, cook, and everything in between, and their job is to serve the customers in a timely manner. If customers are happy when they leave, they tip well. If they aren’t, they don’t, and the player’s scores will suffer. Of course, all of this is done on a time limit, and rewards will follow if the player succeeds.


Cooking Dash has 50 different levels of gameplay, keeping players working to get to the top from start to finish.


The graphics and soundtrack are normal for this genre, engaging but nothing to write home about. The music can be turned off based on player preference, but can be part of the engaging fun just as easily.


All in all, Cooking Dash is a fun addition to the ‘Dash’ series of games.



  • Excellent balance of levels of difficulty
  • Fun to play



  • Unbalanced latter half of the game in terms of difficulty, there’s a jump wherein it’s easy but then jumps to extremely difficult quickly
  • Unoriginal theme
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