Celtx 2.9.1 – Free scriptwriting alternative to Final Draft

Version: 2.9.1
Licence: Free
Author: Celtx
Size: 14,6 MB

Screenwriting software has become an increasingly popular way to produce scripts. They can be enormously helpful, but also enormously costly if one isn’t careful. Celtx is a free alternative to paying for scriptwriting software, and a viable one at that.

The program comes with easy to use formatted script templates, and is capable of producing scripts based on the works of the author with ease. It has several tools related to script writing, and though it doesn’t have quite as many as the paid alternatives, most writers will still be quite content – especially when they consider the price.

One of the best features of Celtx is its ability to assist in the writing collaboration process. This support is almost unheard of, and certainly makes sharing documents easier than constantly attaching word files, though it should be noted that during testing the tester was unable to clearly establish how Celtx proposes to support collaboration.

All in all, any one looking to save money will find no shame or issue with this free alternative scriptwriting software, and saving money can mean the difference between getting the script out and postponing the project.


Collaborative process assistance
Feature rich production assistant for scriptwriting


Confusion surrounding collaboration features

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