Casper ISO Creator 1 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

casper iso creator
Version: 1
Author: CMM Solutions
Size: 182 KB

Casper ISO Creator, as the name suggests, allows users to take CD or DVDs and create ISO files that allow for PC playback, with an impressive ease of access.


The program works in three distinct steps to create an ISO image file for user use. Don’t let its ease make its speed be questioned, Casper works extremely quickly, and offers small file size outputs.


All that needs to be done is the following: a disc is entered into the computer, the buffer size is selected, and the save button needs to be pushed. That’s it!


One of the best things about Casper ISO Creator is that it is a free program, meaning it won’t cost the user anything at all to use Casper. The other benefit? It doesn’t require installation, making Casper ISO extremely light on its usage of computer resources.


In terms of the file sources that Casper is capable of working with, it can use most CD or DVDs.


Casper ISO Creator is a great piece of freeware that allows users to back up their CD and DVDs with a few simple clicks of a button and very little time.

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