Bus Simulator 2008 Deluxe Full Version

Version: Deluxe Full
Licence: Trial Version
Author: Contendo Games
Size: 576 MB

Bus Simulator 2008 is a game that, you guessed it, simulates what it is like to drive a real bus.  In the game developed by Contendo Games, you must begin by driving your little bus through the sprawling metropolis of Megacity and build up your reputation (and your bank account) to become the top bus business in town.

Wanted: Good drivers

As in any real-life public transportation system, it is extremely important for the bus driver to stay on schedule and make it to each of their stops on time.  Passengers will be waiting for you, so if you arrive too early or too late, there probably won’t be many tickets to sell.  It is also important to drive cautiously and to get all of your passengers to their destination safely.  Reckless driving will only get you a bad reputation, and even worse: fines.

In Megacity, there are a total of 34 missions to accomplish, 18 different routes, and 8 bus models.  You will begin with the most basic bus, but as your reputation improves and you gain more money, you will be able to purchase bigger and better buses and have access to more difficult and longer journeys.  The 18 routes pass through distinct parts of Megacity, including the suburbs, downtown, the industrial district, etc.

A realistic bus driving experience

The graphics and details of Bus Simulator 2008 are of great quality, though to enjoy the best experience possible it is better to have a powerful PC.  Within the game there are pedestrians and traffic to be considered while you are driving, just as would be the case in real life.  The developers have even included different weather conditions, including rain, sunshine, ice, and fog, that will all affect your route and how much money you make that day.  Depending on both the weather and the time (morning, daytime, night), you may have more or less passengers waiting, so it is important to remember that these seemingly small factors will also have an effect on your earnings.

Features of this application include:

  • Real-life simulation with lots of details and high quality graphics
  • 18 different routes that can be unlocked
  • 8 models of buses that can be downloaded as you improve
  • Online world-wide high score list
  • Easy to use interface

If you have ever considered becoming a bus driver, or are just looking for an entertaining and challenging strategy game, you should definitely download Bus Simulator 2008.

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