Black Mesa 1.0 – Experience the beginning of Half-Life with updated graphics

Black Mesa
Version: 1.0
Licence: Free
Size: 3146.62MB

Black Mesa is the prequel to the Half-Life series, wherein players get the chance to learn about what exactly happened at Black Mesa and how it lead to the events that shape the Half-Life games. This is the true beginning of the Half-Life series, and comes recommended as a first play – though all will enjoy it.

The gameplay is just as high quality as fans have come to know and expect from Valve. It acts as a first person shooter with intuitive controls that make it a pleasantly challenging game for users to puzzle their way through, finding unknown enemies and a lot of storyline along the way.

The classic favorite characters are all there, and the story is just as engaging. Die hard fans will be thoroughly pleased in how authentically accurate the game feels to the Half-Life series, even though it takes place before it.

That being said, it will appear different. The graphics, the textures, the environments, are all pre-Half-Life events – making them completely different from the Half Life games.

Black Mesa is a great prequel to the Half-Life series.

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