BitDefender GameSafe 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

BitDefender GameSafe

Low resource security for gamers

Antivirus applications are a necessary part of computer maintenance. From AVG to Norton Antivirus and beyond, there are plenty of antivirus software options. BitDefender GameSafe is an option that has been created with gamers in mind.


Antivirus software is notorious for interfering with game transfer rates, connections, and weighing too heavily on computer resources for gamers to enjoy their craft. These programs pale in comparison to BitDefender GameSafe, a software application designed not only to continually protect users from viruses and trojans, but also to work very lightly on computer resources in the process.


In fact, the program even comes with a gamer mode, where it minimizes all unnecessary processes while the game is running – to ensure gamers are both protected, and happy.


The program is relatively easy to use, though it is exclusive – it will not work if other antivirus software is installed on the computer. Once installed, an initial scan is performed to optimize scanning settings, and voila, an antivirus software application that doesn’t weigh too heavy on the resources. The program will run from then on continually, but remains very light on computer resources.


That being said, BitDefender GameSafe is not the best antivirus software option available. The program is incompatible with most modern operating systems after XP, does not update frequently, and still manages to interfere with regular computing – even if not with gaming.


BitDefender GameSafe is an adequate, albeit sometimes incompatible, solution to gamers’ need for running antivirus software.



  • Gamer mode geared specifically at gamers
  • Light on computer resources
  • Schedulable scans



  • Incompatible with modern operating systems
  • Interferes with regular computing
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