Back to the Future: The Game for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

Back to the Future- The Game

Back to the Future: The Game is an episodic point and click adventure game based on the Back to the Future movie franchise from the 80s. Created by Telltale Games, this game is based on cinematic style, with a really great musical score, sound effects, and even extensive voice acting. What really makes the voice acting work though, is that the script is quite entertaining and funny, which keeps with the them of the original movies.

As an actual point and click adventure game, Back to the Future: The Game is good enough, but not exactly innovative. The usual mix of searching, puzzles, and additional dialogue choices is present, along with a little bit of extra action. Although some point and click adventures can be incredibly boring and slow paced, what keeps Back to the Future: The Game entertaining is its excellent writing, the fun graphics cartoon style, and the impressive animation of the main characters. Those characters are actually in the likeness of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd from the original movies.

The plot of the game begins seven months after the trilogy ends, on May 14th, 1986. Marty McFly has not seen Doc Brown since he left with his family, and now the bank has started to sell away all his possessions. Marty steals the Doc’s notebook, and is surprised by the appearance of the DeLorean time machine outside of the laboratory. A recording that was left by the Doc explains that the machine would return to Marty’s present if the Doc was in trouble. And here the adventure begins, as Marty goes out in search of the Doc. The player has to follow the clues to try and find Doc back in 1931 before it is too late.

Back to the Future: The Game is a fun tromp that is faithful to the original movie storyline. Point and click adventure fans as well as movie buffs will both enjoy this game.

Note: Some users will find that the game does not run unless you start it with Administrator Rights. To do this, right click on the game icon and choose ‘open with administrator rights.’

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