Babylon – Dictionary and Translation Solution – Windows – Free Download


Anyone who frequently works with multiple languages knows how time consuming it is to constantly have to translate more than one language into something you understand. You either need to have a plethora of language dictionaries available, or multiple windows open on your computer for translation purposes. But now with Babylon, there is a complete dictionary and translation solution, which is perfect for anyone who frequently works with other languages.


There are multiple ways in which to use Babylon, but the main interface is comprised of a translation window for easy translation access. From there, it is easy to get to all the other program features and extra configuration options. There is even a floating module which you can set up to appear whenever you ask Babylon to translate something for you.


No matter how you use Babylon, however, it provides you with access to a standard multi-lingual dictionary, a text and document translation function, unit converter, web search, and additional paid translation services. Additionally, if you ever need to work with a language that is not currently in your Babylon multi-lingual dictionary, it is really simple to add extra dictionaries for your use. You can even use Baylon from within another application for high-quality translation. And as an added bonus, there are hotkey shortcuts that you can enable (Ctrl + right click) that will let you translate any word that you happen to be hovering over or have highlighted.


As you can see, Babylon really is an all-inclusive tool for multiple language users. The translations are impressively accurate as far as machine translation capabilities go, and the system-wide integration makes it so you will never have to wonder about a word or phrase again, regardless of what application you are using. So if you deal with foreign languages on a regular basis through your job or even in your personal life, you will definitely appreciate Babylon. Its comprehensive and well-integrated tool set really makes translation that much easier.

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