AVIAddXSubs 9.9 – 100% Free for Windows (Xp, Vista, 7, 8 )

Version: 9.9
Licence: Free
Author: Calcitapp
Size: 887 KB

AVIAddXSubs is a free and user friendly program that lets you add subtitles into your AVI files that contain DivX and XVid video streams. How many times have you tried to watch a downloaded movie and been out of luck when there were not any subtitles available. This happens quite frequently, but now there is an easy solution with AVIAddXSubs.

AVIAddXSubs is a very simple program to use, and it works by simply placing the AVI and RAT file into the same directory as the video that you want to play. Your chosen media player should then be able to automatically detect the subtitles when you open the file and play it. But if this is a problem and your media player can’t find the added subtitles, AVIAddXSubs also has the additional option to merge your subtitles directly into the video that is going to be played. This way, your media player will not have to detect an additional file, since it is all in one.

But just because you did the steps above does not mean that every time you play the chosen film the subtitles will show, because you have to activate them within the media player every time you want to put them to use. Even though that activation is required each time, you are able to delete the SRT file after the first go. This is because it is no longer needed, since it has officially been burned into the video. Sometimes you find find, however, that regardless of following the directions, the subtitles do not appear. Many times this is because you still need to configure the positioning of the subtitles in your video player, which is something that AVIAddXSubs can not do.

So if you are looking for an easy way to add subtitles to your videos without having to include an SRT file with every video, AVIAddXSubs is a good application for you to use. Just note, however, that you will need to become very familiar with locating the file that the subtitles go to once they have been burned in.

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